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We feature high-quality, above-ground AquaLeader swimming pools.

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We only use the best when installing your pool. Our service team uses a Ultimate Happy Bottom Pool Pad under the liner. This is the same material that is used under artificial turf in the NFL stadiums. This eliminates footprints, reduces heat loss, and maximizes the life of your liner.

We also insulate the walls of the pool with wall foam. This protects the pool liner and also keeps the water warmer! Lastly, we use a pool cove around the entire base of the pool. This increases longevity of the pool wall and liner.

All of this is included in the package, as well as all of the accessories you need. Installation is also included in our packages, so you can rest assured that your pool will be put in right. The Aqua Leader injection molded above ground pool incorporates the latest injection-molding technology, using graphite-reinforced synthetic resin, to provide you with years and years of carefree swimming pleasure. With synthetic resin you can say good-bye to all the scraping, painting, and other costly chores that go hand in hand with metal frame pools.

Aqua Leader swimming pools have a lifetime warranty on all resin components and a 25 year warranty on all metal and wall parts. Visit the Aqua Leader website for more information