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Perfect the stay-cation.

Wallers sells the highest quality above ground swimming pools at affordable prices.

Getting a pool

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Swimming pool packages include:

Elixir swimming pool


The Elixir pool combines textures and warm colors that redefine the norm. With a perfect unity between the linear wall graphic and the structural components, the Elixir will provide a highly attractive enhancement for your backyard enjoyment.

Size: Choose from 15' up to 27' round by 52" tall

Water Care: Power Ionizer Swimming Pool Water Sanitizer System

Sentinelle swimming pool


The Sentinelle pool is one of our most popular pools in the Aqua Leader line. Every detail was designed to ensure the long life and lasting good looks. Get ready to enjoy your summers like never before.

Size: Choose from 15' up to 30' round by 54" tall

Water Care: Power Ionizer Swimming Pool Water Sanitizer System

Installation process

Swimming pool accessories

If you need the coolest raft or the best swimming pool game for your family, visit our store for our hand-picked seasonal products.

Ionizer Swimming Pool System
Concord Liner

Water care

Our in-store service helps you maintain a beautiful pool year round. Visit our store for the highest quality chemicals or buy a package online.

Chlorine bundle package
Baquacil bundle package
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